Privacy that fits your pocket

Do you work in areas that are prone to spying? Does your organisation need a safe, secure connection to communicate and share data? While there are numerous messaging apps on the market like WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, and Telegram; if you want complete and total privacy, you need to try the Signal app today!

Few of the apps mentioned above also provide end-to-end encryption, due to some features like automatic backups to the cloud, the collection and logging of metadata, and other loopholes, they can leave you vulnerable.

Reasons to check out Signal:

  • Encrypted messaging

  • Chat with a single user or a group

  • Disappearing texts

  • Audio calls

  • Video calls

  • Multi-platform support

  • FREE to use

Key features:

Total privacy:

Signal's primary goal has always been to safeguard it's user's data. With end-to-end encryption, all your conversations on Signal is secure and untrackable. Signal is so safe that even the company themselves do not keep track of you.

Expiring messages:

If you and your contacts choose to, you can set texts in your chat to auto-delete themselves after a set time. You can set-up messages to auto-delete anywhere between five seconds to one week. For example, let's assume you set the deletion interval to one minute. When you send someone a message or file, and starting from when the receiver opens it, they can see and access the message/file for one minute before it disappears! Each conversation or chat can have its own time setting. This feature will come in handy if you are constantly sharing sensitive information.

Open Source and FREE:

The company is all for transparency and so the app is an open-source platform, allowing anyone to check the code and verify it's security. Signal is also the only messaging app that uses open-source peer-reviewed cryptographic protocols to keep your conversations safe. To add a cherry on top, it is also free and ad-free to use now and forever!

SMS client:

Signal can replace your default SMS app so that all your conversations are in one place. One thing to note is that any communications with contacts who don't also use the Signal app are not secure. So, SMSs and MMSs coming in and going out will act as normal.

HD video and audio calls:

The Signal app allows users to make secure audio and video calls.

Multi-platform support:

Signal is available for download on Android, iOS, and desktop (Mac, Windows, and Linux!). Have the app downloaded on all your devices and switch between them seamlessly!

Signal may not come with heaps of fancy features like it's contenders but when it comes to security and privacy, it beats all the other apps out of the park. If you would like to know more about the privacy and security aspect of the most popular messaging apps used today, check out this comparison chart. If you have any questions for us, do email us or drop a comment down below.