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​Slab is like Wikipedia for your company. It can help you learn, remember, and keep track of things by housing all the information your employees need to work on projects, learn procedures, troubleshoot problems, etc.

How Slab is helpful:

  • Slab can be used to take down meeting notes. All information such as the meeting agenda, points of discussion, actionable items, etc. can be collected in one area for all to refer back to.

  • Add into one place all the necessary information new employees would need while settling into their role. For example, information such as how to apply for an access card or locker, a copy of the building's map, a list of public holidays, any rules of using common spaces such as the pantry, meeting rooms, etc.

  • Pass on knowledge from employee to employee. Wether someone is being promoted or taking a vacation, other employees can access their insights and wisdom.

  • Add step-by-step guides on how to complete different tasks. This facilitates new employees and those who're confused about a procedure to look into the guide and complete their task. Doing so enables employees to help themselves and save time by eliminating the need for emailing peers and waiting for their replies.



You can set up separate 'topics' for different departments of your company such as marketing, sales, customer support, engineering, etc. 'Topics' are further categorised with 'subtopics'. Subtopics are the different levels under each topic. You can add as many subtopics (levels) under topics as you like. To add information to your topics and subtopics, you add posts which can contain multimedia and integrations to your favourite tools.


Embed links from your favourite tools such as Google Docs, Slack, GitHub, YouTube, etc. in each post. You can even edit Google Docs etc. right from the post and it'll sync up with your Google account.



To make formatting easy, Slab text editors use markdown so you can quickly edit what you are typing. You can even add code snippets in posts.



Anyone can create posts in your company's Slab page. And you can tag or mention people or topics in comments and posts.



Slab is providing their services FREE of cost to non-profit organisations. Just sign-up for Slab's 1-month trial by entering your email address here and then email Slab about the non-profit discount.

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