An open source tool to make decisions without meetings.

Its an open source project so you can download and install on your own servers. The out of box versions have a pricing. (with good discounts for non profits)

Are you tired of getting too many emails and organizing & attending long meetings to arrive at a strategic decision? Then Loomio might be a solution for you !

Loomio is an app that helps people make decisions together in a simple yet effective way and that too without attending & engaging in too many meetings, which finally saves a great amount of time. The app makes your group's discussions and communications more productive, effective, and efficient. It keeps your group's discussions at one place and helps the group members engage more usefully with one another.​

How Loomio works ?

According to Loomio, "The Loomio Co-operative exists to create a world where it’s easy for anyone to participate in decisions that affect them."

Loomio is a place for your transparent discussions & decisions. You can create a Loomio Group , invite others, and start your discussions in a few minutes.

A Loomio Group is safe, secure, and you can easily search your discussions, decisions, and files.

Here are a few ways you can use Loomio effectively:

  1. Create Proposals: Easily create your proposals and hear everyone's opinion. Try demo here.

2. Time Poll: Create a time poll to schedule your meetings across organizations.

Try demo here.

3. Dot Voting and Polling: Prioritize things, arrive at key decisions, and finalize strategy by inviting members to vote on an agenda. Try demo here.​​

4. Integrate Loomio with Slack: This integration is super easily, and your team can make key decisions here without leaving the Slack channel. Loomio seamlessly authenticates anyone in your slack channel to your Loomio group.

More about Loomio

  • Loomio is open source and free

  • The software is secure and approved for use by the New Zealand government

  • The app works on all devices including web

  • The app interface is very sleek, and simple

  • You can receive notifications and reminders

  • Language translation is available

  • It is accessible to people with visual impairments

  • The organization respect your privacy and it says "We will never sell you data to third parties, or put advertising into Loomio."

Loomio Group Pricing

Loomio is a social enterprise and the team relies on paid subscriptions to support system operations and future developments. However, it offers the software at discounted prices to non-profits and unfunded groups. Click here for the pricing in details.

Informational Links:

For help in implementing, Join our free community forum at http://tech4good.discourse.group/​