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Write and Maintain Documentation and Knowledge base about your work. Easily!

This Handbook is powered y Gitbook!

Do you struggle with writing, organizing, and sharing your organisation's private and public contents such as knowledge-bases, help-guides, and manuals? Do you get requests to share informational documentation everytime with your team or out of your organisation over emails, and that is due to the privacy and security issues ? Still figuring out a platform to capture, store, organise and publish your organisation's information in one central location? Then GitBook might be the perfect platform for you.

GitBook is a modern and elegant platform to organize contents into meaningful web-based pages or e-books, and share them with the team, within organisation or open the platform for public use. It is Open-Source and FREE. Anyone or teams can create high-quality internal & external knowledge-bases and training resources and share with anyone (keep the docs private or public) for free. Here is a list of a few documentations created on GitBook platform:

Why GitBook

GitBook has its own editor, so writing anything is super-easy even if you don't have a technical background or don't know programming.

Features of GitBook:

  • It has modern and clean interface

  • It has responsive layout, meaning docs are easily readable on devices of any screen sizes, without losing any rich features of the docs

  • Your docs will be easily accessible from anywhere as they are stored in the cloud

  • Documentations are ultra-secure and fast

  • Organisations can even put their logos on their domains they choose while creating their account on GitBook. So, branding is pretty much easier

  • The product is built for teams. Collaboration on documents is easy - team members can modify the docs, review them,and track everything

  • GitBook can be easily integrated with Slack, Google Analytics, Github, and Intercome, just to name a few

  • The platform provides smart insights on your content management, and its optimisation


How GitBook Works

Here is a step by step guide to use GitBook:

  1. Create Account: Sign up for GitBook with your email address or log in with your Github account

  2. Setup your Organisation: Once you have signed up, login to your account and click on "Create a new organisation"gitsetHere you can upload your organisation's logo. Click on Next button.

  3. Customise your organisation url on this page:gitcus.

  4. Create a project on the next page by entering your First Project Titlepro1

  5. Set up your project url on the next tab.

  6. Set the project's visibility level to either Public or Private.

  7. Go Live, and that's it !

This is how your dashboard will look like as an Admin:


The organisation I have created, "Tech4GoodFellows", is at the left side of the page. There are 2 members at present. You can create more organisations from here. Under this organisation, I have created a project page called "Open Source Tools". You can click here to visit this project page.


Moreover, you can create more spaces or projects under an organisation.

GitBook has a great documentation page on how to use its platform effortlessly. Please click here to visit the space.

GitBook Pricing

GitBook is FREE for small teams (upto 2 users). Beyond that number, GitBook has flexible pricing. Click here to view plans and pricing in detail. GitBook is free for open-source & non-profit teams. !

Informational Links:

  • Access the GitBook documentation here that easily explains every step to create and share documents

  • Apply for GitBook non-profit discount here

  • Click here to view GitBook Plans and Pricing

Image Sources: GitBook and Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash