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Running an organization can be very challenging. And as your organization grows, you have more employees, projects, tasks, meetings, etc. to deal with. Today we're here to share with you how you can manage most of that chaos so you can focus on the bigger things. To help you stay on top of things, we'd like to you to meet: Basecamp. Basecamp is a comprehensive project management tool that can help you collaborate with your colleagues, plan and track projects, share files, have discussions, assign to-dos, and much much more. What's even better is, Basecamp offers a 10% discount to non-profits.


Real-time chat with your team: Basecamp has a built in chat function. This is more convenient than emailing someone or opening up a different app just to ask a query.

To-do lists for everyone: You can add to-do lists under each project. This helps keep all tasks related to the project in one page so everyone involved can keep up with what needs to be done etc. You can even delegate tasks by assigning to-dos to others and even set a deadline.

Schedule & calendars: This is Basecamp's integrated calendar. Here you can see all important dates, events, and deadlines across all your projects. For events that do not fit into any particular project, you can create stand-alone calendars, for example, Birthdays, Holidays, Vacations, etc. You can even subscribe to your Google Cal, iCal, or Outlook and have it show up here.

File storage: You can upload documents, pictures, videos, etc, in Basecamp under projects, to-dos, etc. This saves you the trouble of having to switch over to any other cloud storage service or search through emails just to grab a file.

Automatic check-ins with your team about work: Its not always easy to ask your employees or team members what they worked on for the day. With Basecamp's automatic check-in feature, you will never have to worry about asking for status updates. You can set check-ins for all users on a daily, weekly, monthly basis at any given point of the day. For example, you can set check-ins to be "Everyday at 5 p.m." so everyone will be notified and can type down what they did that day. All responses are gathered on one page so everyone can keep up with whats going on in the organization.

On the go: Whether you're at your desktop or on your commute to work, you can use Basecamp as it's available on the web, iOS, Android, Mac, and PC.

Pricing: Basecamp follows a flat pricing model where you do not have any restrictions in the using of the service. While Basecamp's business plan is $100 per month, they offer a special 10% discount to non-profit organizations. This means, for $90 per month, you can add unlimited users and create unlimited projects.

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