Sarahah - Collect anonymous feedback from others to improve your work.

When you are building a strong organization that is delivering impact on the ground - honest and constructive feedback is important. It creates a system where you can constantly improve your work by taking feedback from your employees, partners or even beneficiaries. In traditional ways of collecting feedback - participants will not feel safe voicing their true concerns because they cannot be truly anonymous. So where do you go when you want honest feedback on something?

What is Sarahah?

​Sarahah is an online tool where users can anonymously send feedback to you.


Sarahah's aim is to help people better themselves or their organization through constructive criticism. It can be a useful tool that can be used in your personal life as well as your professional life. Since feedback is sent anonymously, people are willing to speak freely about things they otherwise might not have.

Why use Sarahah?

It is especially important for a NGOs and non profits to get opinions and feedback early on to have a better chance of success. For example, you set up a blog for your organisation but don't know much about web design and need feedback on what you have built so far. A platform like Sarahah can help you get that feedback so you can use the opinions to improve your work. Sarahah is completely anonymous and does not require registration to give feedback. (But if the person wants to share their details during feedback - they can do so.)

Sarahah can also be used in established organisations. By sharing a link to your organisation's Sarahah profile on your social media or website, you welcome your supporters/followers to give you feedback and suggestions on the work you are doing.

Sarahah is also useful in the workplace, by sending your fellow team mates or colleagues your Sarahah link, you can get feedback on your work.

How to use Sarahah:

  1. ​Register yourself.

  2. Share your profile link with friends, colleagues, or add it to your website, blog or social media.

  3. That's it! You now just wait for your messages.

Where to find Sarahah:

Besides using their website, you can download Sararah on your iOS and Android devices.