Happay for Nonprofits: Expense Management with 100% financial accountability and control.

β€œHappay is everything that an NGO needs. Cash management is simplified. Audits are completed quickly. Reports that need to be sent to board members and donors are made in minutes.” - Mr. Ramani Manjeri, Head of Finance, Unnati Foundation

Happay is a powerful expense management platform that helps Nonprofits manage expenses digitally, exercise strong budgetary controls and regulate cash flows with ease.

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  • Non profits can allocate Prepaid debit cards to staff and volunteers which can be pre-funded by company administrators online.

  • Staff and volunteers can use the cards at POS, online and ATMs for expenses such as travel and conveyance for fundraising and outreach activities, publicity, recruitment & training, mobilization of resources, buying supplies, office petty cash expenses, etc.

  • Happay's mobile apps (iOS and Android) help staff members to capture receipts and report expenses instantly and on-the-go.

  • Company administrators can fund, authorize, approve and reconcile expenses with ease from their centralized, web-based dashboard.


  • No need to save paper bills- just click a photo of the bills and save them on the app.

  • Easily tag expenses to specific projects, departments, locations, categories, etc.

  • No need to carry hard cash while working in remote locations. Request for funds on a need basis from the app and withdraw money from any ATM that accepts Visa/Mastercard.


  • Transfer funds to employees digitally. No need to disburse cash or deposit money in the bank accounts of staff members or volunteers.

  • Easily monitor and control expenses from Happay's centralized online dashboard. Get real-time visibility of each penny spent. Add limits on amounts and count of spends and ATM withdrawals and reduce the possibility of fraud and misuse.

  • Get ready access to card balances available with every employee, center and project and optimize the use of cash by ensuring that there is neither surplus or deficit anywhere.

  • Easily block or detach cards from volunteers and interns who leave and assign the same to new ones.


  • Get real-time reconciliation reports: Opening and closing balances with each employee or center are always in sync and can be exported anytime.

  • Exercise strong budgetary controls: Our inbuilt tools let finance teams configure budgets and policies for various projects, expense categories, and cost centers. These budgets can then be compared with the actuals to analyze variances. This way, finance heads know how well funds are being utilized and where saving opportunities exist.

  • Access end-to-end accounting trail: from authorization and fund transfers to the expenses incurred under that project and how those expenses are documented and verified. Compliance and audits are made easy and stress-free.

  • Easily sync all data with accounting: Expense data can be exported from Happay to any accounting software, saving finance teams from manual data entry.

"Happay's summary reports are beautiful from finance's perspective. A simple accountant can read and work with them".- Mr. Ramani Manjeri, Head of Finance, Unnati Foundation

​Find out how Happay helped Unnati Foundation bring order and accountability to cash management across 22 training centers.​

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