greytHR effortlessly delivers payroll management, expense claims and attendance for your organization.

In today’s dynamic and digital age, your organization is under skeptic and scrutinizing public and media eyes. Your organization must maintain and showcase accurate and transparent financial reports and other documentation, such as payroll information, expense claims, and reimbursements, official letters, etc.

greytHR, India’s first payroll and HR software on the cloud, helps you (NGOs, non-profits, and not-for-profits) manage all employees’ records ranging from leaves and attendance to expense claims to payroll accurately and from anywhere, anytime.

“As an NGO, we have about 55 to 60 employees. greytHR’s leave, attendance, and payroll modules are automated and integrated with one another very well. The payroll process is awesome and happens within few clicks. It’s very easy, fast and accurate. We’re able to look after payroll for few contractual employees also through greytHR. All payroll records and reports are transparent and accessible anytime we need whether for internal needs or external audits!” - Himanshu Sharma, HoD - HR & Admin, Saksham Trust

How greytHR makes your life easier:

greytHR automates your entire employee lifecycle right from onboarding an employee through his/her exit.

It's multiple modules, such as Employee Information Management, Leave and Attendance Management, Payroll and Expense Claims are seamlessly integrated with one another and interacts with a centralized database.

In today’s dynamic and digital age, your organization is under skeptic and scrutinizing public and media eyes. Your organization must, such as payroll information, expense claims, and reimbursements, official letters, etc.

greytHR enables you to manage and maintain accurate and transparent financial reports and other documentation via:

1. Accurate and fast payroll management:

Manually processing payroll for approximately 50 employees takes at least half a day or a full day, if all other HR and finance-related tasks were kept aside. It also makes it monotonous and frustrating due to multiple checks and verifications. Manual process also adds human errors due to copy-pasting, incorrect formulae and fatigue.

Payroll process on greytHR is automated and error-free. It takes Loss of Pay (LOP) inputs from the Leave and Attendance module and also takes care of arrears. You can use a payroll checklist so that you don’t miss out on anything while processing payroll. If you’re confident, you can process payroll for all employees with a single click too.

In-built payroll reconciliation tools help you compare current month’s payroll with the previous month. This will help you catch errors or anomalies if any.

Complete, accurate and transparent payroll management

To have a smooth link between your finance and payroll teams, our payroll system allows you to generate Accounts JV easily via:

  • Inbuilt formats for Tally

  • Highly configurable JV (split by cost center/ employees)

  • Extensive Excel output capabilities

2. Report generation: Standard and Customized:

greytHR has 120+ ready-made and standard reports, including statutory reports. All reports are available to be downloaded from greytHR’s Reports gallery anytime, anywhere.

Filing PF remittances and ESI files for your employees is a breeze because greytHR generates these files in ready-to-upload formats.

Glimpse of few payroll-related reports available in the Reports Gallery

Along with these reports, you can also create any customized report as per your requirements for senior management or auditing purposes by using greytHR’s simple and easy-to-use QueryBuilder feature. What more, creating a customized report is a one-time task; once done, you can always use the same report template to generate newer reports every time you need it.

3. Hassle-Free Expense Claims:

With greytHR, you can set expense claim limits for each expense category, which can be on a per day, per month, or per year basis. You can also configure expense limit entitlements based on an employee’s designation, grade, band, location or team.

Empower your employees and managers to accurately upload, save, submit and approve expenses, respectively, while enforcing your policies, approval limits, and other business rules automatically.

Configure expense claims as per your policy and required workflow. You can configure up to three levels of approval/review.

All kinds of expense claims can be submitted, along with original bills as attachments, for online approval

If your organization has presence in multiple countries, with employees traveling to multiple locations, don’t worry about expense claims management. You can configure the expense claims module to process expenses incurred in any international currency. The expense claims module will automatically calculate the claim amount in your home currency.

You can set expense claim limits for each expense category, which can be on a per day, per month, or per year basis. You can even configure expense limit entitlements based on an employee’s designation, grade, band, location or team.

Benefits of Expense Claims module:

Enjoy these benefits that greytHR’s Expense Claims module brings you:

  • No more reliance on external courier services or internal snail mails (with heavy attachments of scanned bills) to send original bills and claim forms. No petty expenses, such as courier charges or long waiting periods. No more ‘lost in transit’ claims!

  • All original bills and claims will be accessible always. This makes auditing a breeze for your internal or external accounting/auditing team.

  • View various expense claims reports from our Reports gallery. You can also create your own customized reports for expenses and expense claims, respectively.

  • The icing on the cake is that your final finance approver/ accounts personnel can be located anywhere: either in your head office, registered office, either in the same city or another! As greytHR is on the cloud, there won’t be any delays due to distance and location constraints.

4. Tracking organization assets:

Tracking your organization’s assets, such as ID and access cards, laptops, headphones, cell phones, etc., is much easier once you’ve assigned these individually to those particular employees on greytHR’s Employee Information Management module. You can also edit or transfer ownership of each asset as and when needed.

Allocating assets to an employee

This feature is also helpful if and when any employee quits; you can verify the returned asset based on the asset details stored on the software.

No more missing or misplaced assets. As an NGO or non-profit, you cannot afford any losses and greytHR understands this.

5. Publishing HR forms, official HR letters, and policies:

Without an HRMS software, you will have to send out HR forms, official HR letters, and updated policies via email to all employees by revising the versions and file names. This was tough to track and chances of missing out few employees were high.

Generating official letters required by employees on a case-by-case basis often comes as an ad hoc and urgent task. For a single employee’s request, manually, it takes more than half an hour to type a letter based on the employee's requirements, adding his/her correct details, such as joining date, employee number, etc. Thereafter, you need to get it printed and signed and stamped by either the business owner or HR Head.

Now, with greytHR, you can do away with all this drudgery. You can simply mass email or publish HR forms, official HR letters, and the latest updated policies so that the particular employee(s) can access them in real time.

Preset letter templates

Note that all these documentation is stored in one place; this enables quick and easy auditing to know what document was issued to whom. No more wasting time poring over your inbox or sent items.

Your employees can access the Employee Self Service (ESS) portal (also available as a mobile app) to view/upload/download these documents along with their own payslips and IT statements.

6. Powerful HR analytics via dashboards:

Dashboards present analytics that can prove invaluable to you in your decision-making. Design your own dashboard by simply dragging and dropping the chart type and various parameters. Gain insights such as employee costs, statutory costs, attrition, average years in service, etc., and many other performance indicators tracked automatically from the CEO dashboard.

Access the dashboard for a graphical snapshot of employee, leave, and financial information

Use the HR dashboard to quickly get an overview of employees joining or leaving the organization, confirmations due, etc.

You can derive your organization’s collective performance and outcomes from these dashboards and analytics and communicate these effortlessly to the world at large.


“At the HR front, we extensively use greytHR’s Leave and Employee Information Management modules to accurately calculate leave balances and statuses. The Employee Information Management module helps us allocate Wadhwani Foundation’s assets to employees throughout their lifecycle. This enables us to never lose track of who has a particular asset at any point of time. Also, all employee-related personal and professional information (including PAN Card number, ID cards, address proofs, emergency contact numbers, etc.) is stored and verified on greytHR. This helps us a lot in background verification of employees during our onboarding process, which is very important for us, as we’re a not-for-profit organization.”

  • Rinky Siddarthan, HR Manager - Wadhwani Foundation

“Wadhwani Foundation extensively uses greytHR’s Payroll module for processing superfast and accurate payroll for all our 100+ employees. Payroll and statutory compliance-related reports and real-time publishing of payslips for employees is the biggest plus point. The entire payroll process is very simple and not at all complex.”

  • Arun Palasseri, Associate Director - Finance & Admin, Wadhwani Foundation

greytHR enables you to manage accurate and transparent employee information, payroll records and reports and expense claims along with leave and attendance management. Take advantage of these benefits at affordable price plans with a 30-day free trial!

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