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How can technology work as an enabler for my nonprofit? Where are we and where can we go? How do we get there?

We need a framework for NGOs to imagine how technology can be an enabler in their work and it should answer the following 2 questions:

  1. Where is my organisation right now in terms of challenges we face? And what will change look like if we use technology as a leverage?

  2. How do we get there?

Conversations with NGO Gubbachi about their Technology needs

So, to help answer their first question - we created the Organisation Technology Maturity Model (OTMM) Self assessment to help NGOs with a structured way to understand how it stands with respect to leveraging technology across 4 important modules - Impact Measurement, Delivering Impact at Scale, Fundraising and Day to Day operations. NGOs will able to visualise the processes, systems and challenges at their organisation with 4 levels of maturity indicators (L1 to L4). The Levels help them imagine about next steps

The OTMM assessment is a set of simple questions at the end of which you will get a customised Free #Tech4Good Starter Handbook PDF with your answers, a key to organise your answers and discuss the Levels as a team!

​Get your FREE OTMM Assessment & Handbook today! and find out what are the next steps you can take at your mission to leverage technology as an enabler to amplify your impact and become more sustainable. You can download a sample handbook PDF for a quick look:

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Once you have completed the assessment and received your free customised handbook, you are ready to explore our Academy

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