Hootsuite helps you effortlessly manage your multiple social media accounts at one place.

Keeping up with all your social media platforms can be difficult. Especially if you have a lot to share. Let's say you want to inform your community about a new blog post. You would first have to wait for an ideal time(like when most of your followers are online), log into all your social platforms, and then send out the same message on each account. The problem with this is, when sending out messages manually, it can get difficult to keep up with a social media timetable. Another issue is, when your work day is over, you would be missing out on several opportunities to spread your message and grow your following.

To overcome the problems that come with managing multiple profiles at once, you can use a social media managing tool into your workforce. A good example of such a tool is Hootsuite.

​Hootsuite is a social media managing platform that helps organisations devise and carry out their social media marketing strategies. You can link your Twitter, Facebook (page and profile), LinkedIn, Google+, WordPress, and Foursquare all into one tool. But the number of accounts you can link is dependant on the plan you get. The free account lets you connect up to three profiles.



With Hootsuite, you can schedule posts to be sent out anywhere from 5 minutes to days, weeks, months, or years later. So when you come in for work, you can schedule all the posts and set what time each one should go out for the day or week, and Hootsuite will automatically post them when they are due. This way you can queue up posts to go out even when you're not at work.

If you don't want to choose what time every single post is sent, you can create a time table. Whenever you key in and are going to save your message, select "Add to queue" and Hootsuite will post your messages according to the time table.


Streams are small windows you can add into your Hootsuite dashboard to monitor activity on your social medias. You can add a stream that shows you your Facebook posts, Facebook messages, Twitter feed, Twitter mentions, etc. Adding streams gives you an overview of everything you want to monitor. You can further organise your streams by filing them into different tabs. You can have a tab for each social media platform or a tab for all incoming messages, all outgoing posts, all social feeds, etc.


Like default views like Twitter mentions and Facebook posts, you can add custom streams to your Hootsuite dashboard. Custom streams allow you to monitor specific conversations by a particular hashtag, keyword, profile, locations, etc.


With Hootsuite Pro accounts you can view cool analytics about your social media activity. You can see reports on your followers' count, the engagement on your posts, the traffic you are gathering, etc.

Hootlet Plugin:

Hootlet is a browser plug in that can help you compose, send or schedule a message with the website link you are browsing.

Hootsuite for Non-Profits:

Hootsuite provides a 50% discount on their paid plans to not-for-profit organisations. To apply for the discount, create a free account and then fill out this form - NonProfit Discount Application.

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