Google Ads Grants - 10,000$/month

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Drive traffic to your website with 10,000 USD per month worth of Google Adwords Grants for NonProfits

Each year, thousands of new NGOs and non-profits are born in support of a wide variety of causes. And it only gets harder to be seen in such a vast sea. For most NGOs and start-ups, advertising is an impossible option because of the lack of funds. What if we tell you that there is a way that your organisation can reach it's target audience for FREE?

Google is providing eligible organisations FREE advertising on their search engine with Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits. It is a grant to Google AdWords where you get to use Google search ads worth $10,000! By signing up for this service, you can increase the number of visitors you get to your website/blog/social media/campaigns.

What is a Google Ad?

Google ads are paid advertisements by businesses that are displayed when a person searches for something on Google. Ads do not show up randomly though, users are only shown ads that are related to what they searched for. Google ads are usually seen at the top or right panel of the search results page and are tagged "Ad".

How does Google Ads work?

What do most people do when they have a question about something? Most of us usually go on the internet and search our query on a search engine like Google. When we search for something on a search engine, we use specific 'keywords' that describe what we are asking, for example: "preschools in Indiranagar", "diagnose swollen ankles", "Uber customer care number", etc. When a user types in keywords, Google looks through its database of ads and shows the user a few that match their keywords.

Features of Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits:

$10,000 worth of ads:

Each month, you will get to utilize Google Ads to advertise your cause for up to $10,000. You can put up ads for volunteers, donations, events, action on petitions and campaigns, or you can just lead users to your website.

Reach your target audience:

Ads are shown only to those users who search for keywords that match your ads. This ensures you are speaking directly to your target audience. Google ads can help you reach and gain a wider community. You can even narrow your ads to show up only to users in specific cities, states, or countries.

Gain insights with Analytics:

With Google Analytics, you can see how your ads are working. Here you can track which of your keywords are popular and get the most clicks, which ads are doing better than others, the number of clicks you get, etc. You can check on Analytics daily and tweak your ads to find what works best.

AdWords and AdWords Express:

When you set up your AdWords account, you can choose to use the fully functional AdWords or the more automated AdWords Express. If you have the time, knowledge, the will to learn and experiment, or you're hiring an SEO analyst, you should choose AdWords. But if you don't have the time to manage AdWords or don't know how, you can use AdWords Express where most things are set up for you.

Curious to know more about how nonprofits are using Google AdWords? Check out a few success stories.

How to get on board Google Ad Grants:

To get the Google AdWords Grant, your organisation must complete the following steps:

  1. Sign up for Google for Nonprofits: To apply for Google for Nonprofits you must first get your organization verified by TechSoup. To get validated, click HERE. After that, you can go ahead and fill in the membership form for Google for Non-profits HERE.

  2. Be a charitable/not for profit organisation

  3. Have a working website with a good amount of information on it