Buffer is your social media magician that can schedule all your posts across accounts.

If you are trying to get word out about your work, social media can be your best bet. Regardless of who you are or what field you work in, chances are you have an audience on the internet. All you need to do is get online and grab their attention! But gathering people online and building a community is easier said than done. Luckily their are many tools available that can help you achieve just that!

What is Buffer?

​Buffer is a social media dashboard that helps you schedule and curate content that you want to share with your audience. It connects to your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+. All you have to do is find articles, news, images, videos, blogs, etc or even updates on your organization that are relevant to your community. Add the posts into Buffer and Buffer will post them at timely intervals. You can set Buffer to post 3 times a day or even 20 times a day or you can set it to send out posts at particular times of day (or night).

Share anything you think is interesting, specifically share anything you think your community would find interesting.


  • Schedule all your posts in advance across social media networks. You can queue a post to go out to all linked social platforms or specific ones. You can schedule posts hours, days, weeks, even months in advance!

  • Re-buffer posts that are important. Its very easy to miss important posts in social media, especially Twitter where your content can get lost in a sea of others' posts. You can Buffer previously Buffered posts so that more of your audience have a chance of seeing it.

  • Analytics: Buffer offers some cool insights on your social profiles. You can track interactions on your posts, for example how many people clicked on your link, shared it, re-tweeted, liked, etc. Buffer also tracks your followers count and can tell you the pace at which your profiles are growing.

  • Mobile app: You can Buffer content on the go with Buffer's Android and iOS apps.

  • Browser extension: With Buffer's browser extensions, you can queue up content as you find it. For example you come across a news article you want to share to Buffer, you can do so right from the article's page by clicking on the Buffer extension button. It then opens up a mini widget that lets you edit and queue your post.

  • RSS: Another cool feature of Buffer is, you can follow important websites or blogs by adding their RSS feed into Buffer. You can then Buffer content from your RSS feed list.

Buffer for Non-Profits:

Buffer currently offers a 50% discount to nonprofit organisations. You can read and apply for it here.

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