Project Shield

Secure your website and Protect your freedom of speech from online DDoS attacks.

Whether you're a human rights organisation or an independent news agency, sharing your stories and other information is the essense of your work. But there's always going to be groups who don't like or agree with your message. It is very crucial to safeguard your right to speak. Unlike many years ago, taking down smaller organisations in protest or as hate crimes has become easier. Due to technological advances and the era of internet, anyone from anywhere can pose a threat to you or your organisation.

To keep your website safe from predators, you should protect your site from possible DDoS attacks. A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is when a site is purposely overwhelmed with traffic in hopes of shutting it down for a while. Just imagine someone who doesnt like you - sending hundreds of people at the same time to your front door so that your system breaks down. Such attacks can happen when you're sharing relevant news, and someone is trying to stop people from getting your information. But DDoS attacks can be avoided by signing yourself up for a FREE service called Project Shield. Project Shield technology can protect your freedom of speech on the internet.


Advanced DDoS protection:

Project Shield is a technology build on Google's web infrastructure, building a multi-layered defence system that can protect you from any size of attacks.

Free, unlimited protection:

Project Shield will protect your website for FREE regardless of the size of your site or previous attacks.

Customisable caching:

Project Shield caches your content which improves loading speeds of your website and reduces the load on your server.

How Project Shield works:

Project Shield monitors the traffic coming to your site. It checks each request, filters out the bad ones and letting in only legitimate users. If a request looks suspicious or identified as an attack, it is blocked immediately from reaching your servers. Since Project Shield has multiple layers of security, any and all attacks are filtered out.


Eligibility for Project Shield:

For your organisation to be eligible, it must first fit a few criteria, and they are:

  1. Applications are open only to human rights defences and NGOs, election monitoring sites, news and journalism websites.

  2. You must have a website for your organisation.

  3. Google account.

How to apply for Project Shield:

Apply to Project Shield by filling out a simple application. The application requests information such as your organisation's name and location, your name, email address, website in need of protection, type of content on that site, etc. Once you submit the form, you might have to wait a day or so before you get the results.

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