Cloudflare's Project Galileo

Robust internet security system that protects your organisation from cyber attacks.

In the internet era, where information is readily available to anybody, cyber attacks pose a huge threat to anyone on the web. If your work mainly revolves around sharing relevant information or campaigning for or against something, freedom of expression - chances are you could be a victim of a cyber attack. Individuals or organisations fighting for human rights, sharing or reporting information regarding politics, and small news agencies are all vulnerable to such attacks. Groups that don't like what you are sharing or working for can try to shut your work down. Hence, it is required to protect your right to speech online. One of the ways hackers can attack your organisation online is by a DDoS attack.

What is a DDoS attack?

A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) is a form of attack on the internet. It occurs when the victim's system is flooded with thousands of connection requests in hopes of shutting the service down. A connection request is essentially a person trying to access your web page. But in a DDoD attack, these requests aren't coming from individuals, but compromised systems all over the world hacked by the attacker. And when thousands of requests come flooding in, the victim's servers crash which results in denial of services to anyone. A DDoS attack can last anywhere from a few hours to weeks or months.


Organisations and corporations of all sizes get attacked, and nobody can be completely safe from every single type of attack. But unlike large businesses, smaller NGOs and non-profit organisations don't have the necessary funds or expertise to overcome a cyber attack. Luckily for them, Cloudflare has provided at-risk public interest groups with Project Galileo.

Project Galileo:

Project Galileo is a robust internet security system that protects your organisation from cyber attacks like DDoS. Project Galileo is FREE for minority rights organisations, human rights organisations, independent media outlets, arts groups, and democracy and voter protection programs.

Check if your organisation qualifies, and sign up for Project Galileo here. Elidible organisations get CloudFlare's Bussiness Plan(worth $200/domain per month) for FREE.

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