Free Tool to speed up your PC, Laptop or Mac.

​CCleaner is a FREE disk cleanup tool for your computer that can help clear out unwanted files from your system. CCleaner only cleans out files that you do not need, like temporary files, browser history, cache, etc. Clearing out these types of files will free up your hard drive enabling your computer to run faster.

You can download CCleaner for Windows, Mac, and even Android. Once you have downloaded the software on your computer, you will see that there are five main tabs on the left panel. These are the tools that come with CCleaner. For most of us, the "Cleaner" will be the main tool that we would require. Let's now look at all that you can do with CCleaner.


The cleaner is found in the first tab on the left panel. It is the main tool you would need to know about in CCleaner. Here you can clean your system of unwanted files. Doing this will clear up memory and help your system run faster. In the cleaner tab, you can first "Analyze" your system. Analyze option gives you a list of all the files that CCleaner can clear out. If you would like to keep some of these files, you can uncheck them in the panel on the left. The Analyser also shows you how much space these files are taking up.

Once you have analyzed and unchecked files you want to keep, you can click on the "Run Cleaner" button. This will start the cleanup process and can take a few minutes depending on your computer speed and the size of the files that need to be cleaned out.

For best results, use CCleaner when your hard disk is getting full. Or every week to bi-monthly depending on your needs.


This tool cleans the registry on your operating system. This option is not required for most individuals as it doesn't necessarily improve the performance of your system. We do not recommend using it as it can do damage if used wrongly.


Under the "Tools" tab, you get a few extra handy tools. The first one being "Uninstall". Here you can uninstall applications from your system. The second tool is "Startup". This tool lets you decide what programs start when you power up and log in to your computer. Tweaking these settings can help save battery and ease your CPU as most of us have rarely used programs running in the background. The third is "Browser Plugins". Here you can see a list of all the plugins you use in your browsers. You can choose to enable, disable or delete them individually. The fourth is "Disk Analyser". The Disk Analyser is the next best tool after the Cleaner. If running the Cleaner doesn't help you much, the Disk Analyser can scan your entire computer and show you what types of files are taking up the most space. You can then either move these files to the cloud or an external hard drive or even delete them to free up space.

The fifth is "Duplicate Finder". This tool goes through your hard disk and shows you any files that have duplicates. Most of us have the same files in different locations and are unaware of it. You can then delete these extra copies to free more disk space. The sixth is "System Restore". Windows creates a system restore point every time you make important changes to your system. You can use this tool to delete old restore points to free up space. The seventh and last tool is "Drive Wiper". If you want to wipe clean an entire hard drive securely, this tool is there for you.


This tab consists of all the settings and preferences for the CCleaner app. Here you can whitelist cookies, files, applications so that CCleaner doesn't clean them out. This would be useful if you use certain files or sites regularly and don't want to clear cache and other information.


This tab is where you can choose to upgrade your free account to CCleaner Professional if you want extra features such as cleaner schedules, automatic app updates, real time browser+system monitoring, and more. CCleaner is also available for businesses.