NASSCOM BigTech Program

Some products listed here like Google For Non Profits and Amazon Web Services will need you to register on this platform first for validation.

An NGO that is interested in software donation can apply online through BigTech portal. BigTech through its network of partners and outreach will do the verification of the application, and if the nonprofit matches the set criteria, BigTech provides them with the validation token through which nonprofits can apply for the grant.

How to register your nonprofits on BigTech: 1.Sign UP/Login to BigTech portal. 1524219159_tmp_B1 2.Go to ‘Active Org Profile’ in My Account section and press “Click here” to register. B2 3.Start filling the following details: BT-3 BT-5 BT-6 BT-7

• State • Organization Type and Organization Activity. • Organization Registration and Organization Name. • Email address • Street Address • City • Postal Code • Phone • Website • Budget • Organization Registered Identifiers • FCRA Number • Society Registration Certificate Number • Section 25 of the Companies Act Number • Trust Deed • Registration number under Indian Trust Act • IT PAN • Organisation is non-exclusionary and non-discriminatory • Additional Organisation Information • Mission Statements (Please describe your organization's purpose and activities) • Number of computers for staff • Registration Document (Trust Deed) • Then click “Save”. • You will receive a confirmation mail, please check you organisation Email Id. 4. This qualification process is usually complete within 10 working days. 5. You need to reply the mail with the scanned copy of following documents in PDF format:- 6. Society Registration Certificate OR registered Trust Deed of Public Charitable Trust OR certificate of registration under Section 25 of the Companies Act. 7. Certificate of 12A and 80G. 8. IT PAN number of Organization. 9. Qualification confirmation will be e-mailed to your organization’s registered e-mail address and will contain a description of the donor partner products for which you are eligible along with a link to the online store login page.

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