A data collection, monitoring, and visualization software for the humanitarian and development industry.

Ushahidi is a technology provider and partner that deploys its software platform to enable organizations around the world to collect, manage, visualize, and respond to information from their stakeholders. Ushahidi’s mission is to build and use technology to help marginalized people raise their voice and those who serve them to listen and respond better. The Ushahidi software platform is an incident management and situational awareness tool often used by service providers, for monitoring and evaluation, and to triage response. Ushahidi was founded out of Nairobi, Kenya during the post-election violence in 2008, but their team of thirty people now spans across eight nations.

Ushahidi is the global leader in crowdsourcing data platform deployments with specific subject matter expertise in crisis response, citizen reporting/government accountability, and human rights reporting. Ushahidi’s software has been deployed over 125,000 times in over 160 countries, collecting over 7 million reports cumulatively. Further, our team offers technical expertise developing engagement platforms that work across multiple areas and engagement channels, including hard-to-reach environments throughout the developing world. Our mission and subject matter expertise in building communication technology to empower people to raise their voices while delivering tools to help organizations better listen and respond to their constituents.

The Ushahidi platform has four key functions to help improve the communication between organizations and their stakeholders: data collection, management, visualization, and Response

Data Collection The platform allows for integrations with several different sources for data collection: custom survey forms on the web and mobile application for structured submissions; email, SMS, and Twitter for unstructured submissions; and a CSV import tool for bulk data uploads. Ushahidi’s native mobile application (mobile app) for Android and iOS enables a reporting channel through which people can quickly complete surveys from their smartphone in any location. The mobile app also includes support for offline data collection, including the capture of videos and photos, which supports users with or without an internet or data connection at the time they complete a report.

Data Management Platform administrators can establish custom roles and permissions to designate access controls and data intake responsibilities, including what verification steps should be performed on inbound posts. After inbound posts are structured (if coming from an unstructured channel) and verified, they can be further categorized through the use of labels and eventually posted to all users of the deployment. Search and filter options allow users to easily find relevant information, and the data can also be exported - either in part or in full - and downloaded as a CSV file.

Data Visualization Inbound reports can be visualized on the platform using map, timeline, and activity views, which enable easy spotting of trends and clustering of activities across time and geographies. The ability to structure, sort, and filter the survey responses based on geography, time, category, or other selected criteria may also serve a role in broader organizing efforts by the deployment manager. Map view

Timeline view

Activity charts

Data Response The collection of new information on the ground can be used to quickly inform an agile response through the use of notifications and workflows. Notifications can be configured based on certain search parameters and can be disseminated via email or SMS when triggered by a new inbound post. Workflows are used to assign tasks to designated users, which can be customized based on the specific use case and checked off when completed.

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