Instamojo: Simple payment and donation collection tool for Non-Profits in India.

Instamojo is an Indian online payment gateway that can help you sell products, receive donations, manage payments, send out receipts, and more.

What i like about instamojo:

  • It has a super simple interface that doesn’t require any technical knowledge to set-up and maintain.

  • Setting up your Instamojo account takes less than 2 minutes.

  • Organisations who don’t have a website can also use Instamojo.

Ok. Let me take you through the basics now.

What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway is an application that is used to processes payments made through credit/debit cards, net banking, and other payment merchants. The payment gateway's primary purpose is to act as an intermediary between the customer, the merchant’s website, and the bank.

Features of Instamojo:

Payment collection:

With Instamojo you can now receive payments from your customers, supporters, or donors easily through all types of payment modes such as debit/credit cards, net banking, e-wallets, EMI, and UPI. If you don’t have a website, Instamojo provides you with the option to create custom payment links which you can send directly to customers through SMS, email, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

Easy sharing options:

When you create a custom payment link, you can instantly share it to social media, email, SMS, WhatsApp, etc. right from the dashboard. You can even schedule payment links to be sent out at a later time and date. If you need to send the link to multiple people at once, you can upload an excel sheet with the contact details of everyone and schedule it.


Payment button:

If you wish to use Instamojo on your website, you can embed payment buttons on any of your pages. This button is mobile friendly, and anyone accessing your website on a mobile device can also use it. Instamojo auto-generates the code for the payment button which you can copy-paste it to any of your site’s pages. Customers using the payment button will never be redirected out of your website as the payment gateway opens directly on your site as a pop-up. And lastly, the button is customizable to suit your website; so you can change the text and colour of it.



Check the Analytics tab for colourful graphs and charts that can help you track trends and customer demographics.



To further manage your account efficiently, Instamojo provides you with a bunch of tools you can also integrate. Tools such as Invoice Generator, Business Card Maker, Google Analytics, Pro Analytics, Payment Retry, etc. are available. If you are curious, check out the apps available for Instamojo here.

Dispute resolution centre:

If your donors or customers have any problems post payment, you can quickly resolve them through the dispute resolution centre.



To ensure the safety of your customers’ data, Instamojo provides bank-level security with 128-bit encryption. Instamojo is also PCI-DSS compliant and RBI regulations compliant.


Instamojo has no set up costs. Those organisations with an FCRA certification are even eligible for international donations. For more details on their pricing please visit here


To create an Instamojo account, you need to provide your organisation’s name, PAN card number, and bank details during set-up. To be eligible for the NGOs and Non-profits discount, you must complete the KYC process by submitting relevant documents. For more information about the process and documents required, click here.


Instamojo is accessible on any computer browser or their brand new Android app. For further queries on Instamojo, leave us a comment down below or send us an email.

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