Google Drive

Access your important files and data from anywhere with Google Drive. Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service developed by Google.

Ever left work and remembered you had to send out an important document to someone? Or have you ever emailed colleagues multiple times with the same files after making edits? Or have you ever lost important documents due to a computer crash or theft? Storing your data safely in the cloud can save you from many such problems as well as save you tonnes of time and energy. And most importantly have you ever wondered what will happen if you lost your laptop or it got damaged? What about all those years of hardwork, reports and projects stored in your laptop? Google Drive saves your data safely. You can keep all your important files and working documents in a separate folder on your drive. Lets call this the Work Folder. Now you can sync Work Folder with Google Drive on cloud! So everytime you save anything to the work folder - it automatically syncs and saves/updates the file in google drive.

What is cloud storage?

Lets start with the basics. Cloud storage just means that you are saving your files on the servers of your storage provider (in this case Google). So instead of having a file sitting only on your phone or computer's hard drive, it is stored online also. When your files are stored online, it gives you the ability to access these files from any other computer or phone anytime and anywhere. Just think of it like your Email. Imagine if all communications were filed in papers (like in the past) and stored safely in your office. You have to come all the way to the Office to access those memos and communications. But email has made it so easy. You can access your communications anytime, from anywhere. What email did to communications and memos 10 years ago - Cloud Strorage like Google Drive is doing to your important files and work documents now!

Google Drive:

Google Drive is one of the best cloud storage facilities in the market. It comes with 15 GB of storage in a free account. If you are a non profit then you are eligible for the Google for Non Profits account and more storage! Upload and store files on Google Drive and have access to them from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.


Save any file:

You can upload all kinds of file formats to Drive. So all your images, documents, video and audio files can be stored in one program.


15 GB of storage:

Google doesn't calculate your Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides files towards your data storage quota. This means that Google files are stored for free and you have 15 GB to store all other kinds of files such as PDFs, audio, video, etc.

Anywhere access:

The main point of cloud storage is that you get to open/download/edit/share your files from anywhere. From your phone, laptop, or desktop.


Invite colleagues, volunteers, supporters to view, edit, and comment on files in your Drive. When sharing files, you can set what type of access you would like them to have, for example, you can give editing access to your colleague and view only access to clients.



Once you share files with people, any one of them can edit it. And thanks to real time collaboration, the rest of the group will always have the latest version of the file.

Seemless Integrations:

Google Drive works seeemlessly with Google's Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and many more services. You can even create new Docs, Sheets, Slides, right from within Google Drive! More importantly, the files you create on Google services such as Docs and Sheets, don't count towards your storage.

Version history:

Everytime your document autosaves, Drive keeps tabs on all the changes you make. So you can go back and look into older versions of your document. Drive remembers changes made to your files in the last 30 days.


Offline access:

Drive enables you to download files onto your device, so you have access to it even when you are not connected to the internet. Any changes made to files when you're offline are updated once the device is connected to the internet again.


Access Google Drive from any device's browser. Or you can download their apps for iOS, Android, Mac OS, or Windows.



If you need more storage, Drive offers a monthly subscription for bigger storage. Plans range from 100 GB per month to 300 TB per month. For latest prices click here.

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