Tableau for Data Visualisation

Visualise the Power of Your Data Using Tableau Software.

Tableau is a self-service Business Intelligence and Analytics tool that is transforming the way people understand and use data to solve challenging problems.

"We create pictures that answer questions, but we do it for businesses that want to know things about their data." ~ Pat Hanrahan, Tableau's Chief Scientist and Co-Founder.

Tableau's mission is to help people see and understand their Data. Tableau products are designed for people and to empower them, and liberate data for everyone.

Tableau Products:

  • Premium Products: Tableau software offers 3 premium products:

    1. Desktop Version (to install and use at any desktop or laptop)

    2. Server Version (data sharing and intelligence at your own on-premise servers)

    3. Online Version (a hosted version of Tableau Server.). Click here to check out its product offerings in detail.

For all its premium products, the company offers free 14 days trial.


  • Free and Discounted Products: The company offers 3 kind of products in this category:

    1. ​For Students and Instructors: The organisation offers free Tableau Desktop version for students and Instructors around the world. You can request a License here.

    2. ​Tableau Public: It offers Tableau Public that is free for everyone. Create your public account here. The limitation of Public version is that you have to save files to your tableau public profile. Download Tableau Public for free.

    3. ​Tableau For Non-Profit and NGOs: The company runs Tableau Foundation for social good. Through this initiative, it offers a fully-functioning version of Tableau for free for non-profits and NGOs anywhere in the world.


    If you are a #Tech4Good Fellow or have participated in our Local #Tech4Goodx Chapters - Please write to us at [email protected] if you need a license.


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Tableau offers product solutions to different industries such as Communications, Media, & Technology, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Retail & Consumer Goods, Energy & Resources, Manufacturing, Services, Public Sector, Travel & Transportation and Financial Services. Click here to explore more about the customized services it offers. Tableau software is being used in various departments, be it finance, sales, marketing, HR, supply chain or IT management. Tableau products can be integrated with various number of datasources such as AWS, Cloudera, Excel, Google, SQL, R, IBM, Salesforce, Teradata, Splunk, and many more. Click here to check out for the data-source integration at your organisation.

Learn Tableau Software:

Tableau offers excellent learning resources. It provides free training videos , paid e-Learning web-based eduction, classroom training for individuals and teams, and free live online training for anyone. Click here for more information. Moreover, Tableau has excellent proactive community, forums & user groups where anyone can ask for support.

Tableau Data Visualisation Gallery:

With Tableau, anyone can create almost any type of data visualisation with ease. Click here to see a range of visualisation possibilities in Tableau.


Tableau Customers:

Tableau products are very popular among small and large enterprises, such as ExxonMobil, General Electric, Honeywell, and Coca-Cola to name a few.

"If I'm doing the same thing over and over again, I'm never able to step out the box. Tableau allows us to step out of the box. It allows us to be able to look at data in a totally different way." ~ Kevin King, Director, Reports & Analytics, Coca-Cola Bottling Company

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