Copyright your images for FREE with Binded and protect them from misuse.

Whether you're an artist, photographer, or company, anything you create and post online can potentially be stolen, misused or recirculated as property of another. Copyrighting your digital data can prevent such scenarios as you would have evidence of ownership.

​Binded is a free online service that lets you easily copyright and protect your digital pictures from being misused by anyone.

How to use Binded:

  1. Upload: You can upload images from your computer, phone or Binded integrated websites (currently supports only Instagram and Twitter).

  2. Claim copyright: Every single image you upload onto Binded, is put into your very own private copyright vault. Each of these images are then given a unique fingerprint which is permanently recorded in the bitcoin blockchain.

  3. Get certified: You will receive a copyright certificate proving that you are the soulful owner of the image which can help protect you against copyright infringement.

Pro Tip: Upload your images to Binded as soon as they have been created. Once you've claimed copyright, you can then upload them to your website or social media.

How Binded monitors images:

Binded uses bitcoin blockchain which is a secure database that maintains a record of digital assets that are protected from infringement. Anything saved on blockchain is permanently recorded and is safe. Binded monitors the web for the unique fingerprints of your images and notifies you in real time if they are being used.

You can signup for a free Binded account here!