⚑ Deliver Impact at Scale

Ideas & Systems so their programs can reach more beneficiaries while improving quality of the service

Once you have completed your OTMM Assessment, you are now ready to level up from your current level. Currently for this section we dont have a level wise classification. Consider them a set of ideas that you can pick up from and implement as per your needs.

These are only recommendations and you can explore all tools available in our handbook and build your next level.

  • Use Digital Videos of your training sessions by recording on your mobile and editing with tools like shotcut or Quik and share with the community using pico projectors in remote areas or simply share on Whatsapp

  • Use Project Management Tools like Trello to manage your projects efficiently across teams and scale

  • Use the power of Voice and SMS to build telephony powered delivery mechanisms for your programme.

  • Knowledge Base using GitBook, Slab of your learnings to share with others NGOs and changemakers

  • Use civiCRM or domain specific tools like openSIS, openSRP, OpenMRS, I Got Crops, cliniccases, MedicMobile to manage delivery of services to your beneficiaries and keep track of your programme implementation at the beneficiary level

  • Re-imagine scale of your programs and unleash its true potential using Societal Platform approach on the Sunbird Platform. Eg. Project Echo, EkStep​