KoBo ToolBox

KoBoToolbox is a Free, Easy & Powerful survey creation and analysis.

KoBoToolbox is a free and open source tool that helps collect and organize field data. The Toolbox is currently used in humanitarian crisis, research, peacekeeping, economic development, etc. The software helps overcome various problems faced by professionals on the field making data collection quicker and more reliable.


  • Build intuitive forms

  • Collect data on the go

  • Analyze and manage data

Build forms:

  • With this suite, anyone can build survey forms as it does not require any technical knowledge or training.

  • Collect different types of responses like text, date, image, video, sound recording, GPS location, etc.

  • Forms created can be very powerful and intuitive with implementation of validation rules and skip logic.

  • Archive any question you use in your forms to reuse it in the future.

  • Save your forms and questions in the Questions Library to share them with team members.

Collect data:

  • Collect data online or offline as the forms do not need an internet connection to work.

  • Data syncs in the background whenever your device connects to the internet.

  • Collect data on the go with the Android app or on a browser on any iPhone, laptop, or other device.

  • Data collected is encrypted so that your information is private and safe from data loss.

Analyze and manage data:

  • Track and inspect information collected by filtering key data and creating summary tables.

  • View map with all collected GPS coordinates.

  • Download all your media (images, videos, sound recordings) as a ZIP file).

  • Download all your data and in Excel, CSV, SPSS, and other formats.

Useful links:

You can sign-up for KoBoToolbox HERE.​

Download their free Android app "KoBoCollect" HERE.​

Here's a YouTube video on how to use KoBoToolbox: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PNtT51h3CQ​

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