farmOS is a web-based application for farm management, planning, and record keeping

Technology is redefining agricultural practices, productivity, and thus changing farmers' lives. Software and tools are helping farmers manage all the activities of farming, be it harvesting, irrigation, fertilization, tillage, planting, crop protection, and resource management.

​farmOS is a web-based application for farm management, planning, and record keeping. It is open source and free to use.

FarmOS is a tech solution for farming that is evolving day by day. It was featured in a CNBC special: CNBC: The Future Of Farming Is Utilizing Data In An Open Source Network Of Farmers.

How farmOS can help farmers:

The software helps farmers plan, monitor and analyze all activities on farms easily. Some salient features of farmOS are:

  • Area management and configuration: Farmers can locate and configure their area on map using this software. Mapping farm is very easy. You can organize and color-code areas on a map. Some of the area types available in this software are: Field, Water, Property, and Building. Further, you can customize or divide the areas in sections for different crops.

Click here to see a complete guide to mapping areas.

  • Allocation and Planning: Farmers can plan which plants to grow in which area, and mark them accordingly. Planning crop harvesting, periodic soil tests, and pest control planning is pretty much easy in this software. Just add the task, and fix a date-time, and you will see these upcoming events in your dashboard.

  • Asset Management: Farming assets include all the important and valuable things on your farm such as plantings, animals, equipment, etc. You can prioritize your plantings, and assign someone to do it. Farmers can manage animal/livestock records.

Birth record and animal health management can be done using farmOS.

  • Record Keeping: You can record your past activities using this software, and learn from them in future. Farmers can record harvests, and see them in calendar as past harvest activities. Soil test logs can be used to record when you have a soil test performed. Water test logs can be used to record when you have a water test performed. These are more to it, of course.

  • Inventory tracking: This feature of farmOS allows for tracking of asset inventory levels over time. For now, inventory management is only enabled on animal assets, but will be enabled on other asset types in future releases.

These are only a few features of farmOS. There are more to this, such as it can be used to manage all types of compost production activities, and equipment assets on the farm. The software also provides a framework for importing data from automated environmental sensors. You can add a sensor asset type, which can be tracked like any other asset. You can track and monitor costs, input usage quantities, and work hours for your activities.

So, Farmers ! What are you waiting for ? Please use farmOS for free, forever. Click here to download the software.

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