Talk - Comments moderation

A Free Comment system to promote civil conversations on your blog and website.

The Problem

The publishers and newsrooms across the globe suffer a common problem - the uncivilized comments on their posts, stories or news. The comment section was introduced to the readers for lively debate on the story published, smarter discussions, and better engagement with the fellows readers and the journalist. This section is indeed a valuable space for interaction and constructive feedback. The readers' comments are invaluable asset for the journalists that help their stories improve.

However, the rise of social sites such as Facebook and Twitter has led to the dilution the value of comment sections. Productive discussions have been converting into serial trolls and personal attacks. Readers have started criticizing the fellow readers, instead of criticizing their ideas on the stories. Publishers and newsrooms are having a tough time moderating toxic readers.

To tackle this situation, many websites such as Recode, The Verge , Reuters, and PopularScience have turned off their comment spaces, some of them have been using social media pages to promote reader discussions. Click here to learn more on this topic.

Real Question : Is shutting down the comment section the ultimate solution uncivilized discussions ?

The Solution is Talk​

Introducing Talk - A free tool to have better online conversations.

"Online comments are broken. Our Talk tool rethinks how moderation, comment display, and online conversation function, creating the opportunity for safer, smarter discussions around your work." ~ The Coral Project​

​Talk is one of the open-source products developed by The Coral Project, a collaboration between The Mozilla Foundation, The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Why Talk ?

The team at The Coral Project has been constantly doing a lot of research to improve the Talk product. The product is based on a clear vision to improve and promote healthy and productive engagement online.​

"We have interviewed more than 300 people from 150 newsrooms in 30 countries. We’ve talked to frequent commenters, trolls, people who have been harassed out of the comments, and people who never comment. We’ve conducted a survey on journalism and harassment. We’ve brought commenters and college students into newsrooms, and community activists into universities. As a result, we’ve crafted user personas and aggregated needs to create our roadmap and inform our decisions." ~ The Coral Project Team​

Talk Features

  • Talk is open-source and free to use.

  • Publishers have the rights to own and manage the users' data

  • Publishers can restrict selected users to comment on the stories

  • The commentators can identify journalists in the conversation, and mute annoying voices.

  • Moderators have to ability to feature the best comments and filter out the toxic ones.

  • Talk can be integrated with Slack​

  • Talk code is 100% open-source. So feel free to use it.

Give Talk a try. Install Talk on your server and let us know what you think. Contact the Talk team if you would like their help in setting up the tool.

For help in implementing, Join our free community forum at​