Botsify's chatbots

Last updated 3 months ago

Engage with your website visitors and social media supporters with Botsify's chatbots

Sometimes, there are so many supporters or visitors to your website or facebook page that you may not have the time to answer them all. But every visitor who leaves without an answer - is a lost supporter, volunteer, donor or someone in need of help.

Botsify is an AI powered chat bot you can use on your website or social media to automate simple live visitor support service. This can be a helpful tool if you have many users coming to your pages with similar queries or you do not have a big enough support staff to provide immediate attention to all users. With the help of a chat bot, you can solve the simpler and more common queries asked by users so that your support staff can pay attention to the more demanding tickets. Since Botsify is built on machine learning, it learns how to solve more queries with time. The best part of Botsify is that anyone can use it as it doesn't require any technical knowledge to set up and maintain!


Integrations: With Botsify's free plugins, you can enable your platforms with chatbots such as via RSS Feed or JSON API. More plugins are coming soon to Botsify!

Live updates: Botsify provides real time updates whether your visitor is chatting with a bot or a person.

One build for all platforms: When you create a chatbot, you can use the same bot on multiple platforms. For example, if you wanted to use the bot you created for your Facebook Page, you can copy the javascript code provided in your website code which will enable a pop-up widget for your chat bot.

Human take-over: Botsify allows human take-over. This means you can sit in on a conversation with a user at any point in the conversation. If your bot cannot answer the user's question, the user has the option of notifying a human support agent for further assistance. The agent gets notified via email and can continue the conversation from there.

Machine learning: When a user asks Botify a question it can't answer, the bot learns from your solution to the question so that it can handle similar scenarios in the future. With time, your bot can become very knowledgeable and can take care of user queries easily.

Templates: Botsify provides you with many templates that can suit your various needs. You can even design your own templates under "Templates Designer" with the easy drag and drop interface.

Pricing: Botsify has a FREE account where you can create and use one chat bot for up to 100 users. If you want more chat bots, users or need website integration, you will have to upgrade to a paid account.