Ask - Invite feedback, ideas

A free tool for Journalists to Invite feedback, ideas and display relevant content

The Problem

As a journalist, one would like to get a feedback on their reporting to improve it further. To ask a specific question, suggestions, tips, or ideas for their stories, journalists can share their emails with the readers, ask readers to comment on the social media platforms or ask them to fill a survey using third-party form/survey tool.

The Solution is Ask

Here comes the Ask - one of the open-source products of The Coral Project, which is designed for journalists, but can be used for general purposes. Ask is a free, fully customizable form builder, submission manager, and gallery display tool for Journalists.

β€œThe Coral Project worked out spectacularly from our perspective. We received about 1,400 comments from readers, and our Ask pages were heavily trafficked. The submissions were respectful and thoughtful – exactly what we were hoping for.” - Jason Tuohey, Deputy Managing Editor, The Boston Globe

See Ask in action here.

Ask Features

​Ask tool has a number of features:

  • Ask is FREE

  • Journalists can tag and search readers' responses

  • Create data visualizations of submissions. Here’s an example.

  • Ask is fully compatible with various devices.

  • Forms can be fully customized.

  • The forms are available as a WordPress plugin.

  • Ask can be integrated with Slack.

  • Ask does not share your data.

Ask can offer much more. Click here.

Ask in Action

Getting started with Ask is very easy. You can download and run it at your own server, or you can contact the Ask team ([email protected]) for installation help and Ask hosting services. Once the setup is done, form building, submission and publishing gallery is very easy.

A Quick Guide to Creating and Publishing a Form in Ask

Name your form, create a headline, and a description. Then Save the form. Read more here.

There are 7 types of questions in Ask to choose from.

Read more about this here.

Now, publish your form.

Ask has an excellent Step by Step User Guide to install and use this tool. Visit here.

For help in implementing, Join our free community forum at​